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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 159: Indoors Day

I killed a bird today.  I was driving to school this morning and a bird landed on the road right before I drove over it.  As I drove away I saw feathers fly and a little body fall to the ground.  Sorry little bird.  I didn't mean to.  

I didn't end up staying for long in my new classroom, but I put up the fabric on one bulletin board and was able to visualize what the room will look like.  The first picture is where my reading corner will go.  There will be reading nooks throughout the room, but this is where the main bulletin board will be along with my library.

The second picture is where my math corner will be.  There will be manipulatives for stations and other displays to help the kiddos with math.  I will also have a writing corner and science/social studies corner.  I figure it will be easiest to organize my room by subject.  We will see how it goes.

It felt good to stay inside today after being burnt yesterday.  I had fun today working on my French pictures.  As I write this, I am watching the DVD that my Aunt Lori made.  When I see the pictures and videos, it is so hard to believe that I have seen these places.  I sometimes feel that I am in a novel and the story is told in third person.  "She went to Provence with her favorite aunts (and adopted aunts).  It was an experience she would never forget."  How fortunate I must be to see what I have seen.  I used to believe that the good people always suffer.  Either I am not a good person or my suffering is waiting for me because I have been so blessed with the life that I have.  One of the goals of this blog was to help me see that, and I definitely have.

The last bit of news tonight relates to the next trip.  My dad and I will be going to New Orleans again.  I booked the hotel tonight and I am excited to see what it is like.  Here is the link if you are interested in seeing:

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