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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Day 171: Visitors

My guests arrived around 7 tonight.  I am so happy that they decided to come visit me.  We immediately opened some wine as we looked around at my new place.  I was eager to show them the DVD of my trip, so that was what we did first.  Hopefully they can see why I am so excited and have an idea of what I will see.  

After the video, we decided to go down to the Naperville Riverwalk.  It was such a beautiful night down there.  I felt like I was in Europe for a moment because there was an accordian player providing some entertainment as we walked.  We strolled up and down the river for awhile, enjoying each others' company.  After the walk, we drove around a bit and headed back home.

I rented some DVDs at the library that I thought could entertain us in the evening.  We watched a movie called "Bread and Tulips," which is a foreign film about a wife that gets left behind on a tour and she ends up getting a job in Venice and staying for awhile.  It was a cute movie with lovely Venetian scenery.  Around midnight, we headed to bed to get ready for the next day

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