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Monday, July 16, 2012

Day 198: On the Road Again

I woke up this morning around 2:30, unable to sleep.  I tried to go back to sleep, but my mind does what it normally does and just keeps going.  So I got up and did my packing and worked on some more pictures.

We left around 5:30ish for Nashville.  Unfortunately we did not time it quite right to stop at Indy for some West Coast Tacos, but we made up for it by stopping at Huber Winery for a tasting and lunch.  I’ve been there several times now, but this was my dad’s first time.  I think he can see what it is that I like so much about it.  He was even kind enough to sign up for the wine club for me.  So anyone that wants to go with me can get free tastings!

We also had lunch at Huber after feeling pretty good.  Dad ordered a BBQ chicken flatbread and I ordered a cheese fondue.  Putting together the two was amazing.  It was a great time.

After lunch we got back on the road and continued onto Nashville.  We stopped just north of Nashville for another wine tasting.  This place was a little different.  The décor was kind of gaudy and it was a tiny little place.  The first thing I noticed once we walked in was the woman.  She was an older woman with a big bouffant hair style.  She had that great southern accent and attitude.  We probably tasted about 8 or 9 wines.  Each time we would try a wine she would take out her little cheese tray and search for the right cheese to pair with the wine we were tasting.  Needless to say, we bought some cheese and wine.
Shortly after arriving in Nashville, we took a recommendation for dinner to go to Brick’s Café.  The selection was amazing and I had fun with the waitress trying to help me narrow down my choices.  We enjoyed a fried goat cheese salad with chicken and a chicken portobellini mixed with a lot of precious, honey, sweetie pies, and any other endearments you could imagine.

We stopped at a couple grocery stores so I could get some things to bring my health up to speed.  Then it was time to make our way downtown.  We walked up and down broadway while stopping in at bars and shops.  I love how downtown Nashville always has live music in almost every bar.  We stopped at Legends first to listen to some Johnny Cash, George Straight, and Boot Scootin Boogie.  Later we stopped at BB Kings to hear a great band, sip on some fun drinks, and munch on some fried pickles.  You could say that it was a great first day.

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