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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Day 187: Becoming a Roman

Best Moments
1. Finally getting to try zucchini flowers (and it is really good on pizza)
2. Feeling like a Roman with our guide Francesca's detailed explanations that involved all senses
3. Feeling a connection to Francesca because of the energy and emotion she put into our tour
4. Enjoying a wonderful meal of a salad with pine nuts, parmesean, and balsamic vinegar and a cremini pasta near the Pantheon with good company
5. Meeting a mother and son and being amazed at how cultured and respectful the sixth grade boy was
6. Going for an evening walk through Rome 
7. Making my wishes at the Trevi fountain
8. Enjoying gelato in Italy
9. Rene always showing up at just the right moment

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