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Monday, July 2, 2012

Day 184: Ciccheti, Gondolas, and Acqua Alta

Best Moments
1. Morning walk with Elizabeta, our local guide
2. Going to a mask shop to see how the masks are made
3. Riding the Vaporetto out to the islands
4. Crossing the Bridge of Sighs
5. Visiting my old neighborhood and buying a poster (which I ended up losing)
6. Searching for ciccheti with Rick and Lynette 
7. Enjoying the process of ordering the ciccheti and finding new ways to fix common foods (green beans with tomato sauce)
8. Eating something I wouldn't normally go for (baccala)
9. Changing my mind to ride the gondola afterall because I wanted to be with the group
10. The moment on our gondola ride when all four of our boats came together on the grand canal under the moonlight with music filling the air
11. Returning to Max's during acqua alta
12. Drinking the best Bellini I've ever had (fresh peach juice)
13. Sipping on lemoncello while the water level rises
14. Making the most of a Venice night

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