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Friday, July 13, 2012

Day 195: New Sights in Paris

Best Moments:
1. Seeing the Louvre with a guide
2. Understanding that the Louvre has a Naploean propaganda room
3. Ordering a carnet of metro tickets with the goal in mind of using all of them
4. Finally walking down Rue Mouffetard
5. Picking up a cheese and roasted tomato sandwich hugged with a delicious French baguette
6. Finding a quiet little park outside of a church to enjoy my picnic

7. Stopping at Ile St. Louis for a glace
8. Picking up scarves for myself and our guide
9. Walking through the very picturesque Paris Opera House
10. Visiting Montmartre
11. Understanding a little more of Montmartre's history through the Montmartre Museum
12. Looking around and seeing beauty everywhere
13. Walking down Abbesses and not realizing there was so much more to it
14. Enjoying the last dinner with my new friends (this is a best moment, but also a very sad one)
15. Coming back to the hotel for our last happy hour
16. Sharing our best moments with each other and realizing that they wouldn't have been possible without each other
17. Taking one last scenic night stroll in the rain

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