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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Day 148: Wine Tour and Early Summer Fun

 For Crystal's birthday I bought her a living social deal for a wine tour at Valentino Vineyards.  You see, it is kind of a selfish gift because I get to enjoy it too.  

We had never been to Long Grove, IL before, so we decided to check out the downtown area before going to the winery.  It is a quaint, historic downtown area with fun little shops.  The stores are definitely higher end, but it was still enjoyable to browse the selections.  

After killing a little time, we went to the winery.  We had a presentation on the grapes and wine making process.  It was great to learn more about wine making, but it was sooooo hot out.  Honestly, we were ready to taste some wines.  We got to taste five different bottles.  His wines are fairly high priced and in my opinion, nothing I would buy.  I enjoyed the tasting, but his wines were not breath-taking.

After this we decided that our apetite for wine was not completely fulfilled, so we went to Fox Valley Winery for some more tastings, a couple glasses of wine, and some cheese and crackers.  At the end, we were not ready to return, so we ventured to downtown Naperville.

Although it was hot, it was still a nice night to sit outside while enjoying a rita and music. 

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