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Friday, May 25, 2012

Day 146: Between Buildings

Today was kind of exciting because I got to go to my new school for some training.  Before I left, we had a whole staff lunch at the middle school that included a roast/recognition ceremony.  We have a couple of characters in our school that were perfect from the role of calling people out on their goofy qualities.  Fortunately I was on the recognition side instead of the roasting side.  One of the teachers on my team got up to thank me today and talk about how she would miss me.  As she was saying one compliment after another, I felt my eyes tearing up a little.  I'm so happy to be going to the elementary school, but I have definitely met some amazing people along the way.  I will have to be sure to keep in contact with these people that have left an impact.  

I also got a gift from the assistant principal.  It was a funny gift, but it still meant a lot to me and made me feel that I will be missed.  You hope that you are doing a good job and that people feel the same way, but to be acknowledged for it is truly rewarding.

Today's picture shows some of the books I got a the Scholastic warehouse sale.  I think I will have a summer full of reading children's literature.  Good thing a lot of these are fast reads.

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