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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Day 141: Let's Play Ball

 The W flags were not hanging in Wrigleyville today.  Game three of the Crosstown Classic resulted in a sweep by the Sox.  My friend Ashley invited me to attend the game with her sisters, sister's boyfriend, his brother, parents, aunt, and another friend.  The ten of us trekked our way to DeVry where we picked up a shuttle to the game.  

In this picture you can see the gang in action.  Ashley was wearing a Waubonsee shirt to support a pitcher that she graduated with.  Unfortunately we did not get to see him play.  To be honest, I'm a Chicago fan, so I don't really care who wins, but there is something in me that always leans towards the Cubs.  After watching the game today, I have to say that I think the Sox have a stronger team.

During the game I had the all-American peanuts, hot dog, and raspberry vodka lemonade(maybe the last was not so American).  It was warm today, but luckily we were in the shade so no one came home crispy. 

During the game some gulls joined the Sox team on the field.  There were over 20 birds out there.  

The later picture shows Aunt Betty (white hair) and a guy in a tank who had a little too much to drink.  Fortunately he was a friendly drunk compared to the aggressive drunks that got in a fight outside of the stadium.  He was very chatty with Aunt Betty and even offered for her to grab his butt.  Aunt Betty declined.  The last picture shows Ashley fulfilling his wish of a hug.  Ahh, the people we meet in this world...


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