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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 300: 65 Days Left

Wow, I have been writing this blog for 300 days.  That seems crazy.  I'm going for the home stretch now.  I better start making plans for what will happen after the blog is over...

I had a blast today.  Ashley is a crazy cheesehead that wanted to go up to Green Bay to see the Packers game.  Since I am a supportive friend, I tagged along.  Tickets were way too expensive, so we decided tailgating would be the best option.

Arriving in Green Bay is very different than going to Soldier Field in Chicago.  We parked on some family's lawn that was backed up to the field.  Everyone in the neighborhood spends their Sundays renting out their grass space.  I thought this was hilarious.

We went inside a heated tent to listen to music, drink, and watch the game.  It was so exciting to be in that energetic atmosphere.  Of course the Packers won.  Luckily the Bears won too.  I'd love to go back up to Green Bay again.

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  1. Your Uncle Dave is very envious and wishes he could've been there. Looks like lots of fun!