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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Day 281: Going Home

Shortly after waking up this morning, I checked my e-mail.  I saw a couple that actually possessed my thoughts for most of the day.  The first was an article about a teacher leaving his job to become a ninja (well, sort of).  Here is the article if you are interested.  Another was about a guide to becoming a tour guide.  This woman uses guiding to pay for her trips to France.  How awesome, right?  I am uncertain if guiding is right for me, but it is definitely fun to consider.  As I was driving home from Indianapolis today, I was thinking about what kind of tours I would want to run.  I think I would like to create tours for independent travelers.  Basically, for people like me that want to travel, but may not have someone to go with.  I thought my experience this summer was just the best and I think it would be amazing to create opportunities for people just like me.  When I think about wanting to be a writer, it is because I want to share my love for travel and encourage others to learn.  Really, that is what guiding does.  

The only reason I am just "considering" guiding is because I don't know how the reality of the career compares to my vision.  I am going to talk to my tour guide from this summer later this month, so I am hoping to really get some insight about the perks and downfalls.  I was thinking I could try some basic walking tours in Chicago to really get a feel for what it is like.  I could always con my friends into being my test subjects. 

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