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Monday, October 15, 2012

Day 288: Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign

Writing has been a recurrent thought this past month.  I started my writing class, and I find myself wanting to write more and more.  I think the only reason someone stops writing has to do with confidence.  The longer you are away from it, the easier it is to procrastinate and second guess your ability.  I have found that I am constantly hit with subliminal writing messages lately.  I keep seeing movies about writers.  There have been so many interviews on TV with writers.  This weekend, National Novel Writing Month ignited a challenge I may be willing to take.  Today, there was a blog about how to stop procrastinating and start writing your book.  I even told my students that I may write a book in November.  Now that is pressure.  I can't let those little 5th graders down.  

I have never taken on a challenge so big.  I feel like this is way grander than grad school.  That was easy.  I can be a student.  This involves me actually trying with the possibility of failing.  I knew I wouldn't fail being a grad student.  Being a learner is one of the best things I do.  If I go for this, I have to complete it.  It is pretty intense.  Not to mention November is a crazy month to try this.  I was going to say that I think I will decide by tomorrow morning, but I think my mind is already made up.  It is time to write this thing that I've thought of since high school.

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