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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 282: Not a Fan of Columbus, but Definitely a Fan of Columbus Day

Talk about needing a Monday off.  I have accomplished so much today.  I am actually thinking forward a little in terms of my next homework assignment.  It is a contest.  We have to write a 91 word memoir.  My class has suggested that I stick with the toilet theme from my last assignment, but I'm not sure.  Our chances of winning increase if we include wit  and humor.  Our instructor told us that a memoir should highlight peaks and valleys in our lives.  If I stick with the toilet idea, I will need to connect a theme to make it more full of meaning.

To help me start the rapid typing, I need to do some brainstorming.  I think I'll start with the peaks and valleys of my life:

Valleys-Mother's tumor, Granddad's death, NIU shooting, Unhappiness with Career

Peaks-Going to the Bulls 70th win when I was in 4th grade, winning the DARE essay contest in middle school, Ireland trip, getting my first career before I graduated from college, moving to my first apartment, going to Paris, going to Venice, going to New Orleans the first time, going to Provence, going on my summer trip

Hmm, maybe I'll actually pick a valley for this topic if I stick with the toilet idea, perhaps something about being in my quarter-life crisis stage of my life...

On a side note, I was watching Moliere tonight and there was a line that I thought was interesting.  Of course it was in French, but the English translation was something like, "the best work comes when you are most tired."  I wonder if that is true.

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