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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 267: Reading Machine

I read four books this weekend so I could start guided reading on Monday.  Believe it or not, this time crunch was not due to my procrastination.  Having to read all weekend was not so bad.  The only bummer is the restraint it has on going out or doing other things.  It involves a lot of sitting or laying down.  I tried to break up the sedentary time with walking Kendra and working on my writing in public.  I needed some human interaction. 

On one of my little breaks I did find another possible apartment for Paris.  It is under $1300 for a month.  It is a studio, but I don't really need much space, I need a prime location that is safe and affordable.  The more money I save on the accommodations, the more places I can visit on day trips.  I really would like to go to Bruges (in Belgium), the Normandy beaches, revisit Giverny, maybe see the trianon in Versailles, and who knows where else.

Tonight my plans include eating and watching a French movie.  Perhaps I'll even read...

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