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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 248: Hola. Me llamo Melissa.

Rosetta Stone arrived today in case you can't tell.  I like how it is set up so far.  I am worried about retaining the information.  I think I will be good at remembering how to say nouns in Spanish, but it is putting everything together that is the challenge.  So far, I can tell you:

Ella come.
El bebe.
Que es esta?
El hombre lee.
La mujer corre.  (Which I can't actually say corre).

and more...

I think the program approaches language in an interesting way. Rather than being el hombre=man, they never actually translate anything for you.  You learn by context and pictures.  Maybe this prevents your brain from constantly translating Spanish to English.  Instead, you just see it and know it.  I like how it combines vocabulary, listening, pronunciation, and a lot of practice.  I really hope this works.  Quiero hablar espanol.

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