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Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 247: Paris Mosaic

I found free software today that allows you to create a mosaic with your own photos.  Here is the one I made for Paris.  This gives you an idea of what I want my book cover to look like.  The software is very easy to use.  Here is the link if you are interested: Mosaic Software.

I'm realizing today how much work will go into my book.  There is so much research I need to do.  Yes I know about Saint Denis, famous cabarets that artists flocked to, and the reasoning behind the name of the Latin Quarter, but I only hold little segments of what has happened.  When my reader is done with my book, I want them to understand the progression of events throughout Paris history.  I want them to understand the how and why of a place.  I guess that I must first understand the how and why.  I know a lot of whats, but not enough to string it all together.  I think this quotation by David McCullough describes what I will be doing, "You've got to marinate your head, in that time and culture.  You've got to become them."  You could also say I want them to share experiences with me.

I did a little revision today.  It will probably take 100 more till it sounds right.  Here is the updated ending paragraph to my introduction:
Neighborhood Mosaic is a combination of a guidebook and personal anecdotes.  The neighborhoods I have selected are only a few of the many that can be found in Paris.  These sites have come alive in my visits.  The abundance of history, art, and culture that exists in these places is always developing.  Although I attempt to bring air to the lungs of the city, you are the one that must breathe.  This book serves the intention of providing enough information to get you started so that you can inhale everything else that goes into making a journey memorable.  As you read through the anecdotes and historical references, I hope that you find yourself unable to resist the urge to buy a plane ticket so that you can stand in the footsteps of the city that has made an impact on many lives and is waiting to impact yours.

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