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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day 245: Day Trip

The early Saturday morning alarm was a bit unwelcomed.  I was looking forward to the day, but sleep also seemed a necessity.  I slowly moved until six when I was picked up for a mini road trip.  It had been a couple of months since we got our Indy fix, and it was time to restock.  The drive was fast, allowing us to get there in three hours.  We stopped at Goose the Market for some meaty goodness.  

With time to spare, we went to the art museum to see an exhibit called Snapshot.  The exhibit showcased early photographs taken by artists and the paintings they created from the photographic inspiration.  My favorite photograph was of a woman walking away from the camera holding an umbrella in overcast Paris.  We walked through the European galleries after completing the exhibit.  I love seeing artists I am familiar with or scenery that I have visited.

Lunch time was approaching and it was time to search for our favorite food truck.  Unfortunately, they were not in our sight and facebook updates were lacking.  We decided to try something new at a restaurant around the corner from where my aunt lives.  Since we were so close, we gave her a call and asked if she'd like to join us.  Luckily, she was available and was able to join us for lunch.  I love meeting up and chatting with my aunts whenever I can, and moments like this are rare.  After lunch we went back to her house for a glass of wine.  I absolutely love her house.  I take my interior design preferences from her by trying to surround myself with the places I've been.  I also got to take a tour of her garden which is blooming so well.  We couldn't stay long, but I enjoyed the little time we got to spend together.  I look forward to returning Columbus Day weekend.

We were on a tight schedule to return home because I was supposed to hang out with Crystal later that night.  We met for drinks and talked about life.  I am exhausted from a good day.

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