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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Day 331: Big Money

I started my morning with purchasing a lottery ticket.  $550 million dollars.  What do you even do with that kind of money?  Well, I'd like to find out.  Along with the rest of the United States it seems.  What an upbeat way to start your day.  Imagine the life you could live if money was no concern.  The truth is, I wouldn't buy extravagant things.  I'd go places.  I'd help loved ones.  I'd donate to charities that I believe in.  Would I buy a new car?  No.  Would a buy a new home?  Maybe an apartment in Paris.  Would I stop shopping for bargains.  I don't think so.  I sometimes wonder what I could accomplish if I had money and time to myself.  I doubt we will ever find out.

I saw an article on MSN that I thought was funny.  11 things more likely to happen than winning the lottery.  Want to know what they are?  I'm more likely to:
1. Die as a pedestrian on a street.
2. Drafted into the NBA after college (I don't know about this one.  Maybe WNBA).
3. Die in the air (uh oh!).
4. Become a movie star.
5. Die after being struck by lightning.
6. Die from a hornet or wasp sting (oh my gosh, that is one of my worst fears).
7. Born with extra fingers or toes (don't have to worry about that one).
8. Become US President (no thank you).
9. Attached by a shark.
10. Make a hole in one on a 3 par hole (maybe in putt putt golf).
11. Win some prize in the lottery.

Well, I guess I shouldn't get my hopes too high.

I'm pondering tonight what I want to do for next year as my project.  I was looking through this blog last night and I really value being able to relive events I may have otherwise forgotten.  Maybe for my last day I should do a "best of" post.  But what is next?

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