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Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 329: Workaway

I found this really cool website today called workaway.  It is basically a home-stay volunteer program.  You can volunteer all over the world.  Some are awesome like helping at a B&B in southern France, whereas some are a little strange.  I might have to consider this site...

I had such anxiety about going back to work today.  I know that it is ridiculous, but I couldn't seem to get over it.  Of course I was perfectly fine once the kids came.

I watched a really good movie last night and I want to read the book now.  It is called "Sarah's Key."  It takes place in France during World War II.  I knew that French Jews were deported, but I had no idea that the French police were in charge.  The story was heart-breaking.  This little girl locked her brother in the closet as the police came to take them to the Velodrome.  Unfortunately she was pulled away for a long time and the brother died in the closet.  She worked so hard to escape and when she finally did, she reached the apartment that was filled with new tenants to find her brother dead from starving and dehydration.  How horrible.  I am so fascinated by holocaust literature.  I am always amazed at the inhumane acts that took place.  I definitely plan to visit some memorials in Paris.

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