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Saturday, November 17, 2012

320: Walk in Care

I decided to give up and go into walk in care this morning.  After only a couple hours of sleep, I realized that this sinus infection is not going away.  I was at walk in care for almost 2 hours, but I have to admit I didn't really mind.  I felt like I had some time to just sit and let my mind wander.  I enjoy having time to just think.  I ran a bunch of errands afterwards and came home to nap.  One funny moment happened as I was picking up my prescription at Walgreens.  I was waiting in the drive thru as I hear a woman yelling behind me.  At first I thought she was being impatient and yelling that things needed to get moving.  As I was able to focus in on her words, I realized she said, "I don't even know you, but I love you because you love pugs."  I have a magnet on the back of my car that says I love my pug.  How funny that she just yelled that to me.  

Last weekend I was with my dad on the Marine's birthday and a car behind us was honking and drove by shaking the rock on symbol.  The guy yelled, "semper fi."  My dad has his Marine magnet on the back of his car.  It is kind of cool how showing a little bit of ourselves on our cars can create connections between strangers.

Looking at my picture, I think I have a problem.

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