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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Day 330: Thoughts on a Full Stomach

I wish I had more confidence sometimes.  Right now I'm mostly speaking about my teaching.  Unfortunately, this is where the realistic part of me shoves through.  I know that I'm not the best teacher I can be.  How can I be as a first year teacher in this new position?  The truth is, I don't think I'll ever feel like I am the best teacher I can be.  That is frustrating.  To think that I could always be doing something better feels overwhelming.  Think how many lives I affect (or don't) because I am not the best I can be everyday.  Good thing I can default on being human and no one is perfect.  It is kind of odd that I am writing this, because it was not a particularly bad day.  Just a little reflection.

Something I feel confident in proclaiming is that tonight's dinner was good.  I found these London Broil steaks on sale at Caputo's and they are quite tasty.  Uh oh, I'm reverting to food a lot lately.  I must be stressed about something.  

A friend asked me recently what I'd like for my birthday.  I think I'd really like to go back in time to relive one day.  It has probably been one of the highlights of my life.  Does anyone know how to make this happen?  Let me know if you do.  If only I could choose what I dream about at night.  I think I'd program the best moments for each night.   

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