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This blog is a tool for recording my experiences as well as evaluating my day-to-day life. With my camera in hand, I will make meaning out of my life.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Day 309: Catching Up

All day I looked forward to catching up with my friend, Kelli.  Work seemed to crawl by, but then it was finally fun time.  We went to Rosati's to participate in their $3 wine night.  We haven't hung out alone in a long, long time.  I love getting together with groups, but hanging out one on one is so much more personal.  Especially for someone like me that can get lost in a group.  I look forward to more wine nights.  It sounds like my life is made up of a bunch of these lately.  I'm happy with that.

On a side note, I have clean sheets.  Nothing like a fresh bed.

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