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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Day 313: Dog Sitting

Where did the term dog sitting and baby sitting come from?  Any good watcher knows you don't actually sit on them, so I wonder where that idea comes from.  Anyway, I had the pleasure of dog sitting Oske today while my friend and her family were at the U of I game.  He was scared of me at first, but after bribing him with a treat, we became best friends.  I think he was sad to see me leave each time.

In between visits, I went to a Japanese steakhouse with my dad.  We love their rice, noodles and scallops.  Here you can see a tempura scallop appetizer we shared.  

Later in the evening I was feeling pretty crummy.  I had sore glands all day, but nausea joined the mixture in the evening.  Hopefully I sleep well.

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